Weight Gain During Pregnancy – What is Realistic and Where Does It All Go?m

New post on the blog. All that pregnancy weight is actually divided into many pregnancy factors and mostly naturally goes after pregnancy. So how much weight should you pick up and where? This explains it a bit better …

what if I don't love my second child as much as my first

My Secret Fear – Not Loving My Second Child As Much As My First

What if I can’t or don’t love my second child as much as the first? It looks even worse in black on white than it sounds in my head. But this thought has literally been hounding me for a while and I feel terrible for even writing about it…

what exercise not to do when pregnant

Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs When Exercising During Pregnancy

During pregnancy exercising is definitely something I would recommend to all mommy’s to be, BUT don’t ignore the warning signs…

down syndrome risk older women

Down Syndrome – It Happened To Me

I knew that down syndrome is something that happens, but I never thought  it will never happen to me. In fact,…

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live 2d and 4 ultrasound scan

My Live 2D and 4 D Ultrasound

I recently went for a 13 week ultrasound at my Gynaecologist and was desperate to do a live video recording…

pregnancy things you should know

10 Things I wish My Mom Could Have Told Me About Pregnancy

There are so many things I wish my mom could have told me about pregnancy.  The only reason why she…

when to tell people and family you are pregnant pregnancy

New Pregnancy, When Should You Share? | Opinion Piece

Everyone told me in my first pregnancy that I should not,  and that you simply don’t announce (or tell people)…