how to bath newborn hack. Safely and easily

I just had to share this super easy hack to bath your newborn baby.  I remember when I was a new mom for the first time, I found it incredibly daunting to say the least.  The hard part is to try and support baby’s head whilst using the other hand to wash the baby.  

Lucky for you, Fit Working Mom blog is here to save the day.  I recorded a video to show you a quick and easy hack to bath a new born baby.  This method works a charm and saves you buying a baby bath, floaties and all sorts of other unnecessary complications. 

I found out afterwards that this is actually an old Indian tradition called an Indian Leg Bath.  How amazing is that?!

Please let me know if you have any other cool hacks to share with new mom’s I would love to try them out. 

How To Safely and Easily Bath New Born Baby With Two Hands
Watch this video on YouTube.
Written by Brigitte Willers
I am a working mom from Cape Town. I am passionate about fitness, all things self help and DIY. I like to figure it out and share as I go along, after all we are all just trying to figure this life out. I am all about women helping each other to excel whether its in work, play, or health and fitness. I am a qualified with the Health and Fitness Professional association, I have chosen not to use it as a career path but rather to help women achieve their goals via this blog. My work/business is Project Management in the FMCG and Entertainment Sector ( My true passion is music, nature, animals, helping others and most importantly my family. I am quite a philosophical mess (on the light side) and on a great adventure of finding my true self, like most of us (except maybe mermaids and unicorns because they know exactly who they are) Why don't you join me on this exciting journey and we can do it together, I promise I will make you laugh and you won't get bored.