live 2d and 4 ultrasound scan

My Live 2D and 4 D Ultrasound

I recently went for a 13 week ultrasound at my Gynaecologist and was desperate to do a live video recording for my husband who was in Europe at the time.  The gynie did not want to allow me to record the ultrasound (scan) at all for some reason so I decided to go for a second scan at a private facility.  It was then that I discovered Peek A Babe.  Melanie actually did my scan years ago on SABC for Hello Doctor when I was pregnant with Sammy back in the day. 

I decided that since I was recording the ultrasound, I might as well make a video for my YouTube channel and make the video as informative as possible.  I must say I learned so much and I hope you find this info as useful as I did!  

Live 2D and 4D Scan Everything You Need To Know About Your Baby's Development
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