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Life Changing Habits – Wake Up Early

I have started writing this section on Life Changing Habits because there are so many that I have practiced, and add every year. I wanted to, instead of cramming all of the habits into one article, work through all the habits section for section. Every new life changing habit I will add to this already existing section. The first Life Changing habit I want to write about is definitely waking up early, this is how I got started.

I have always had interests in multiple ideas and projects and the result was not really following through because I simply ran out of time. Being a mom who works, I often also don’t really have enough hours in a day. Apart from kids being incredibly rewarding they can also be incredibly time consuming. (In fact as I am writing this article I have had to stop 5 times to take dangerous objects out of my baby’s mouth and shout at my 8 year old for not sharing the TV and only playing Mine Craft *sigh*) It is difficult to find quiet time, let alone time for yourself or your projects. I have found the ultimate solution in the book 5 Second Rule by Mel Robins. (a lot of my inspo, ideas and practices comes from self help and I will write them down as I find useful recommendations.

The 5 second Rule by Mel Robins

So the idea is that you want to add more hours to your life. The seemingly simple answer to this is to wake up earlier. Yes it sounds easier said than done but it is actually that easy. I started out with waking up at 5am to give me an extra two hours to my day and have progressed to waking up at 4:00am to add an extra three hours. It became such an obsession. (If you are active on Twitter the popular clubs are actually a “thing” known as #4amclub or #5amclub you can join other like minded individuals for a chat on the topic as well. If you are on Twitter find me @Fitworkingmomsa So what do you do with your extra hours?

Start With a Plan

Simply put it does not help to just have added the hours because you can easily wake up and spend 3 hours scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram time line, and that defeats the purpose. You have to wake up with a plan. Simple rules for my morning routine. Exercise first (if I don’t exercise first thing in the morning I hardly ever find time to catch up during the day) You can exercise at home without leaving with simple workout routines I have quite a couple, simple and self explanatory on my Instagram account. After that I have a cup of coffee and write down my 3 priorities for the day. I try and steer clear from lengthy “to do” lists and rather focus on 3 main projects to complete or make progress in and after that the couple of items I need to get done for the day. ONLY THEN do I pick up my phone start responding to emails and the likes.

How Would Your Day Look?

I think what is important to remember that your goals and mine might be different and your work day might look different than mine. You might be a work from home, or stay at home mom, the work might be different but work load is not. The aim with this is to accomplish things with enough time and not feel like you are not going “anywhere”. For me the important thing here was to make my day work for me and not spend the whole day “working for my day”.

Helpful Tips and Obstacles to Look Out For

This habit is incredibly liberating and I feel very in control of my life which was not always the case. It is really a big confidence booster to take control back. Another thing this habit has allowed to make time for is is to actually spend more time enjoying my kids without feeling guilty about work and getting things done. Lastly a couple of important pointers and obstacles to point out and how to over come it;

  • When the alarm goes off don’t put it on snooze, get out of the bed immediately.
  • Don’t scroll social media or emails. Only do that after your list has been completed for the day.
  • This is a habit like any habits it needs to be repeated continuously to change an old habit
  • Use this time to exercise, there will never be enough time and exercise sets the tone of your day
  • Don’t scroll social media late at night go to bed earlier, leave your phone to charge in another room and buy an alarm clock.

Just Start

Find your groove as mentioned it will take two weeks or so to get used to but once you are in it this habit has the potential to transform your life. You will have more energy, focus, sense of achievement, confidence and vigour. Try it and let me know about your experiences.

I have found a great morning routine that could be quite useful in the beginning you can safely download it here and work from this plan to get going.

Free Plan Of Action

Until next time, take care x