For all the mommies who have joined me on the Fit Working Mom 4 Week program, this will be the eating plan.  Please choose any of the items on the list for breakfast, snack time, lunch, dinner and desert is optional.  

I will add another eating plan with some recipes soon so keep an eye on the blog.  

Fit Working Mom 4 Week Eating Plan

Meal Choose any of the following, mix and match
Breakfast choose from:Rye Bread 2 slices with peanut butter and a sliced banana
Cooked oats sprinkled with oat bran, xylitol and a hand-full of blue berries
Two boiled or scrambled eggs and 50 grams of cheese
Half a cup of fruit salad with a dollop of plain yoghurt sprinkled with oat bran (table spoon)
Half a cup of Vital Low GI muesli with a dollop of plain yoghurt sprinkled with xylitol and Oat bran
Overnight Oats
Breakfast Frittata Cups
Breakfast tip stay away from "shop bought" breakfasts as you can't control ingredients and portion sizes especially relevant to smoothies (loads of hidden calories)
Choose any 1 Snack at:
hand full of nuts and plain yoghurt with spoon of xylitol (avoid canderell and aspartame based sweeteners)
Broccoli and cheese dip
veggies and guacamole
cucumber or and carrot sticks and lite humus
cottage cheese and rasberries
4 x rye vita and half an avo
4 x rye vita and cottage cheese (plain fat free)
Rice cakes with cottage cheese
Sunflower or pumpkin seeds
biltong 100g
100 g cheese on rae vita

Eat/drink anytime but needs to happen every day
2 cups of green tea
Green (Granny Smith) Apple
8 x glasses of water
2 x CLA tablets morning, afternoon and evening (this is a fatty acid and no chemicals in it) makes sure you buy the 1000 mg
Start green tea by first dipping dipping tea bag for 1 minute per serving use one teabag for the day, the following week dip tea bag for two minutes, week 3 dip teabag for 3 minutes. By week 4 you should be able to use one tea bag per cup and leave for 5 minutes before drinking.
Lunch Options Wholewheat wrap with chicken or beef (200g) with avo and veg + 50 gram of cheese (cheese only if you have not had it at breakfast or for a snack)
1 Can tuna with a table spoon lite mayo and salad (cheese as above)
Biltong Salad
200 gram beef stir fry (you can use butternut mash or Sweet potato mash as starch)
200 gram turkey sandwich on rye
200 gram Chicken in salad
2 x boiled eggs with cottage cheese and rye vitas or rye bread (can mix with table spoon of mayo)
200g chicken breast with veg or salad
Dinner options 200g Beef prepared with veg stroganoff style (use butternut or sweet potato as base)
chicken (200g) with veg stir fry base as above
steamed/grilled or baked fish (200g) with broccoli or other green veg
Tuna Salad
200g Chicken breasts with veg and starch vegetable base as above
200g beef burger with sweet potato as bun with mushroom sauce and veg
Gluten free chicken or beef wrap
Mince with veg on bed of pumpkin or mashed sweet potato
Dinner Tip Always have one starchy veg: Pumpkin, sweet potato, Butternut or carrot
Use olive oil not butter
Use xylitol not sugar
Always have one cup of water at least before dinner
Always have one portion of colourful veg eg beans, peppers, broccoli with your food
Never have rice, noodles, spaghetti etc at dinner time
Use Butternut and zucchini as noodles for other recipes which includes noodles or spaghetti
Desert optional grab a hand full of berries and a dollop of plain yoghurt with a spoon of xylitol or
2 x blocks of sugar-free 70% plus dark chocolate daily
Fit Working Mom 4 Week eating Plan
Written by Brigitte Willers
I am a working mom from Cape Town. I am passionate about fitness, all things self help and DIY. I like to figure it out and share as I go along, after all we are all just trying to figure this life out. I am all about women helping each other to excel whether its in work, play, or health and fitness. I am a qualified with the Health and Fitness Professional association, I have chosen not to use it as a career path but rather to help women achieve their goals via this blog. My work/business is Project Management in the FMCG and Entertainment Sector ( My true passion is music, nature, animals, helping others and most importantly my family. I am quite a philosophical mess (on the light side) and on a great adventure of finding my true self, like most of us (except maybe mermaids and unicorns because they know exactly who they are) Why don't you join me on this exciting journey and we can do it together, I promise I will make you laugh and you won't get bored.