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  • Fear Is Not My Enemy

    I feel fear still but it is no longer my enemy. For years I struggled with paralysing fear that used to cause havoc in my body. Anxiety steered my life and I actually had a condition where my skin broke out in an intense rash, I had to go to the emergency room at the hospital every now and again to get treated. Now, after treating it a bit better (no medical treatment by the way, just weeding the cause) I can actually cope with feeling the fear but going ahead anyways.

  • Life Changing Habits – Wake Up Early

    I have started writing this section on Life Changing Habits because there are so many that I have practiced, and add every year. I wanted to, instead of cramming all of the habits into one article, work through all the habits section for section. Every new life changing habit I will add to this already existing section. The first Life Changing habit I want to write about is definitely waking up early, this is how I got started.

  • Is The Appearance of Cellulite Reversible?

    Dimples are cute, but apparently on your bum not too cute which led me to want to answer the question a lot of women ask; Is cellulite or the appearance of cellulite reversible once you have it

  • How Does Stress Affect Your Weight Loss Goals?

    Whether it is a deadline, too much on your plate or a two headed monster breathing down your neck the systems in our bodies called “fight or flight” triggers the same bodily response. I am going to explain how this plays a crucial role in your personal weight loss journey.

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Hi, my name is Brigitte, nice to meet you!
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